World War II Stories
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As you navigate the following pages, you will see but a small sampling of the "hero's" who served and did their part during World War II.

The following pages are tributes to some of the many men and women who came forward.

We, at World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words are collecting stories (oral histories), photographs, mementos, letters, diary entries, and any similar item that might give insight into the lives of the folks that we refer to as "America's Greatest Generation". This generation of Americans (as well as others from around the world) took up the challenge and offered up what it took to help the world overcome some of the darkest days in its history.

After viewing some of the following pages, you may wish to add a tribute page of your own to someone whom you care to remember as a "hero".

By clicking on the following link, you may view the pages that are currently in place.

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